Premium routes - Aachen on foot

  feet on zebra crossing Copyright: Institute of Landscape Architecture

This semester's LA contribution to the Forum Stadt & Landschaft will address the issue of pedestrian mobility in urban areas.



Veronika Stützel


0241 80955054



Pedestrian mobility in connection with topics such as experiencing the city, health and climate protection is increasingly moving into the focus of urban planning. Cities and municipalities are asked to develop new strategies and concepts to improve pedestrian connections. In order to make pedestrian mobility safer and more attractive in the future, concepts for the design and infrastructural equipment of the limited public space are in demand.

The overall aim here is to promote multimodality in cities, i.e. to coordinate a mixture of different forms of mobility. The city of Aachen also wants to optimise its mobility concept and promote pedestrian mobility. 10 premium routes are planned to connect the city centre and its outskirts attractively and safely in the future. In addition to new strategies, this requires good solutions for hazardous situations, conflicts of use and spatial bottlenecks.

Your task in the Forum S&L will be to record the spatial situation of selected situations along the newly planned routes from the perspective of pedestrians and urban planning, to identify problems and potentials and to develop and implement ideas for an intervention. The aim of the intervention is to draw the public's attention to the topic of pedestrian mobility and to motivate citizens to participate, express wishes or try out at selected locations.

The results will be publicly exhibited at the European Mobility Week from 16-22 September 2019.

LA offers the Forum City & Landscape as a blended learning module. The task will be carried out in larger working groups with 6-7 participants who will organize themselves.