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Design Competition für a village square in Neu-Lohn

Parish Church St. Silvester in Neu-Lohn Copyright: A. Drossard

The association StädteRegion Aachen endowed 3 prizes, totaling 1200 euros for the design of a new place in Eschweiler in the Neu-Lohn district.



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In 2018, the district celebrated its 50th anniversary of relocation in the context of brown coal mining. In Neu-Lohn, it is important to design a central square in the environment of the Roman Catholic parish church of St. Silvester. It should improve the quality of open space in the district and serve as a meeting place for local residents. Your task is to visibly pick up on the topic of the relocation and the development of the district Neu-Lohn in a design concept. The design of this central open space offers the potential to strengthen the community again and to strengthen the place-specific memory of cultural-historic development.

  • First meeting: 10.04.2019, 4 PM, Seminarraum LA, Jakobstr. 2
  • Consultation: 09.05.2019, 2 PM, Seminarraum LA, Jakobstr. 2