Book Release


Urban Agricultural Heritage

Buchcover UAH © F. Krämer

We are more than happy to announce the release of our new book: "Urban Agricultural Heritage". This wonderfully designed book - a collection and reflexion of various case studies - belongs to the bookshelf of everyone interested in sustainable urban development and the history and present of urban agriculture.

  UAH © F. Krämer

The four editors, together with international transdisciplinary experts and master students, have worked out this edited volume during the last two years. It has been published in the last days - and the boxes have finally arrived at our institute. You can find the print version in your favorite architecture book store - or download the ebook (available at Birkhäuser).

"Urban Agriculture Heritage" explores, how urban agriculture is part of our heritage and in which dimensions this can be experienced and developed around the world. This systematic approach of addressing urban agriculture as heritage will help us to make our cities, as well as our food production, more sustainable in the future. "Urban Agricultural Heritage" sheds light on the process of heritagization, showcases a large diversity of heritage approaches and thus, not only gives insight in global protection strategies, but also welcomes and introduces a local perspective on urban agriculture as heritage.

We invite you and the entire heritage and food planning communities to read, explore, enjoy and discuss it - and together elaborate on this first framing and the approach to address urban agriculture as heritage.

  UAH © F. Krämer

"Urban Agricultural Heritage" is funded by VolkswagenStiftung, layouted by StudioPandan and published by Birkhäuser.

Thanks to all our authors, external experts and former students, who contributed to this book!
And also a big "Thank you!" for the incredible cooperation and support to VolkswagenStiftung, to our Birkhäuser team, especially Nora Kempkens & Alexander Felix, and to Pia Christmann and her team at StudioPandan, who layouted this beautiful book - printed on recycling paper.