Research Projects

  • Project coordinator EU-Horizon 2020 project proGIreg
    productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration
    06/2018 – 05/2023
  • Project coordinator CoProGrün
    Co-produced greenways as sustainable urban infrastructure
    06/2016 – 11/2019
  • Urban Agricultural Parks [Stedelijke Landbouwparken]
    in cooperation with Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO), Merelbeke and Gent University
    11/2017 – 04/2018
  • StartUfaReg
    Urban Farming as a nature-based solution for the inclusive regeneration of post-industrial urban areas,
    10/2016 – 03/2017
  • COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe (COST TD1106)
    03/2012 – 03/2016
  • Post-oil City and Urban Agriculture [Post-oil City und Urbane Landwirtschaft]
    Exhibition part “Urban Agriculture“ of the exhibition “post-oil city” at energeticon Alsdorf
  • DissKo Reiff
    Organiser of the monthly doctoral colloquium of the Faculty of Architecture, in cooperation with Elisa Lublasser

Lectures and Conference Contributions

  • „Nature-based solutions in urban landscapes: From sustainable design to citizen co-production”
    Intensive PhD seminar “Living Spaces”, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb
    8.-10.11.2018, Zagreb

  • “Productive Parks – an emerging landscape of co-production”
    X-Larch V – Park Politics, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
    07.-09.06.2018, Vienna

  • “Stadtentwicklungsforschung im Living Lab”
    7. Wissenschaftstag der Fakultät Architektur, RWTH Aachen University
    4.5.2018, Aachen

  • „COST Urban Agriculture Europe: Which, Where and How Urban Agriculture is successful in Europe”
    50th Brussels Rural Development Briefings,

  • “Entwurfsbasierte Forschung: Die Zeichnung als Erkenntnis- und Entwicklungsmethode“ Workshop Methoden visueller Kommunikation in der räumlichen Planung
    15.02.2018, Kassel

  • “Productive Parks: an instrument for the co-production of peri-urban landscapes”
    European Landscape Ecology Congress: From Pattern and Process to People and Action (IALE 2017)
    12.-15.09.2017, Ghent
  • “Co-Production - an urban farming concept of participation towards share economy in cities’ green belts”
    Morgenstern, Rolf; Timpe, Axel; Kemper, Denise; Heuschkel, Zoe; Pölling, Bernd; Mergenthaler, Markus; Lorleberg, Wolf
    International Symposium on Greener Cities for More Efficient Ecosystem Services in a Climate Changing World (GreenCities 2017)
    12.-15.09.2017, Bologna
  • “Productive Parks - an emerging landscape of co-production”
    Landscape Futures - UNISCAPE Conference 2017
    19.-21.06.2017, Copenhagen
  • “Productive Parks and the co-production of Green Infrastructure”
    International Conference Green Infrastructure: Nature based solutions for sustainable and resilient cities
    04.-07.04.2017, Orvieto
  • “Urban Agriculture Europe”
    8.4.2016, COLABOR – Spaces for Sustainability, Cologne-Ehrenfeld
  • “Designing Productive Parks”
    International Doctoral Symposium‚ Urban Landscapes
    25.-26.6.2015, Montag-Stiftung, Bonn
  • “Designing Productive Parks”
    The Ruhr Agglomeration from an international Perspective
    11.-13.06.2015, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
  • “Productive Open Space – Urban Agriculture in Research, Study und Practice“
    Contribution to the Open Space Design lecture series at the Institute for Urban Development, University of Stuttgart
    10.2.2015, University of Stuttgart
  • “Interpreting Agriculture” Keynote speech for future farm buildings workshop
    Introductory session on agricultural buildings for “Regionale 2016” and the NRW Chamber of Agriculture
    24.11.2014, Kreisstelle Borken der LWK NRW
  • “The Productive Park as Green Infrastructure”
    ECLAS 2014 Conference, Landscape: a place of cultivation
    21.-23.09.2014, Porto
  • “Agricultural Parks in North Rhine-Westphalia in the light of Urban Agriculture Europe COST Action”
    Urban and peri-urban agriculture : European issues and local practices
    08.04.2014, Salone d'onore, Castello del Valentino, Viale Matteoni 39, Torino
  • “Urban Agriculture in Europe – first findings from Urban Agriculture Europe COST Action “
    Congress on Urban Gardening in the green business market 2013
    1.6.2013, Botanic Gardens, Bremen
  • "Rhénanie-Westphalie: Campagnes urbaines en projet"
    Journée paysage 1: Le paysage, un moteur dans les plans d'agglomérations?
    28.11.2012 an der haute école du paysage, de l'ingénierie et de l'architecture de Genève
  • Urban-Gardening-Workshop “Maßstab 1:3“
    Guest presentation in cooperation with Prof. Kathrin Bohn, TU Berlin, Prof. Jorge Pena-Diaz, Technical University of Havanna und Ehrenfeld Design Quarter
    Cologne -Ehrenfeld, 26.9.2012, im Rahmen der plan12, Köln
  • „Le Belvedère : un parc agricole dans la ceinture verte de Cologne“
    Conference „Les Paysages Periurbains – des heritages à une gestion differenciée des territoires“
    14.-15.09.2011, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage de Blois
  • "Les eaux de Marktredwitz"
    contribution to the series "Repères européens" of the Agence d'urbanisme pour le développement de l'agglomération lyonnaise
    Lyon, 27.1.2011
  • “Urban Forestry and Biomass Laboratories“
    IBA-Symposium „Landscape creates cities“
    Bauhaus Dessau, 7.5.2010
  • “Agriculture and Perception“
    Contribution to the lecture series on rural settlements of the Institute of Planning and Building in Rural Areas
    TU Munich, 8.12.2009
  • “HUGO Colliery Biomass park, Gelsenkirchen“
    13th Congress on Future Energy in the context of the E-world energy & water
    Essen, 10.2.2009
  • “Using Urban Forests - case studies on the new roles of forestry in urban areas“
    Malenter Runde of the BDLA Schleswig-Holstein
    Bad Malente 9./10.11.2007
  • “Urban Forestry in Germany - Two projects by Lohrberg Urban Landscape Architecture“
    Seminar on Urban Landscape Laboratories des Nordic-Baltic Centre of Advanced Research on Forestry serving Urban Societies
    Copenhagen/Alnarp 18.-20.10.2006