• EU-Horizon 2020 Projekt EFUA – European Forum on Urban Agriculture
    Setting up a comprehensive vision on Urban Agriculture
    11/2020 – 11/2024
  • Green Infrastructure & Citizen Participation in NW Europe:
    The Process of Change in Städteregion Aachen
    04/2016 – 11/2020
  • COST Action FP1204 – Green Infrastructure Approach:
    Linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests
    02/2013 – 04/2017


Vorträge und Konferenzbeiträge

  • "Promoting citizen engagement in GI and urban forestry – understanding and overcoming barriers in NRW" European Forum for Urban Forestry (EFUF)
    Köln 2019
  • "Integrative Approaches to Urban and Rural Participatory Forestry"
    World Forum for Urban Forestry (WFUF)
    Mantova, Italy 2018
  • "Along the Rural Urban Continuum – Sharing participative approaches to GI across NW Europe"
    Green Surge Final Conference
    Malmo, Sweden 2017
  • "GI and Citizen Participation in NW and Central Europe – the Case of Aachen City Region"
    COST FP1204 “Green in Urbs”: Final Conference
    Orvieto, Italy 2017
  • "The contrasting role of the Third Sector in the development and implementation of green infrastructure initiatives - the case of UK and Germany"
    Society for Urban Ecology (SURE): - World Congress
    Berlin 2013
  • "Implementing the Central Scotland Green Network: Developing Best Practice within the Edinburgh City Region" ANL/ University of Salzburg: – Implementation of Landscape Ecological knowledge in European Urban Practice
    Laufen, Bavaria 2012
  • "Inspiring Green Capital – Integrating Forest Habitat Networks into the Regional Development Planning of the Edinburgh City Region"
    Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Scotland: Development Planning in Scotland to 2030
    Edinburgh, UK 2009
  • "Facilitating Stakeholder Participation in the Development of a Forest Habitat Network"
    IALE UK – Ecological Networks in Science and Practice
    Edinburgh, UK 2009
  • "Developing a Regional Forestry Framework for the Edinburgh and the Lothians Region of South East Scotland based upon Habitat Network Connectivity"
    IALE Europe – European Landscapes in Transformation
    Salzburg, Austria 2009
  • "Green Networks: a City Regional Perspective – Developing the Edinburgh and Lothians Forest Habitat Network"
    Greenspace Scotland “Great Places, Great Cities” Conference
    Glasgow, UK 2009