• Doctorate:
    Towards more urban resilience through local identification
    Development of a concept and guideline to strengthen an immediate urban design
    since 09/2020
  • Work package lead in EU-Horizon 2020 project GO GREEN ROUTES
    Resilient Optimal Urban natural, Technological and Environmental Solutions
    09/2020 – 08/2024
  • Research interests:
    • Methods for designing public spaces
    • Processes of perception and Embodiment
    • Experimental planning and design processes
    • Urbanisation processes
    • Micro and macro levels of the production of space
    • Digitalisation of planning
    • Urban research
    • Interventions and new artistic strategies in open space
    • Urban participation in context of planning

Lectures and Conference Contributions

  • "Presentation and discussion of student drafts"
    European Mobility Week: Exhibition Opening Future Visions for the Theaterplatz - A look into the possible tomorrow
    09/2020, Aachen
  • "Forest Laboratory Cologne - Experimental Forest of the Future"
    Monday Colloquium: WALDLABOR ZÜRICH - Researching, explaining and experiencing forests and forest management, ETH Zürich
    01/2020, Zürich
  • "Waldlust - Urban forests as community hubs and experimental design spaces"
    European Forum on Urban Forestry 2019
    05/2019, Cologne