Institute Library


Institute of Landscape Architecture

Building: Kockerellhaus, Jakobstr. 2, 52064 Aachen

On April 1st, the new Corona Epidemic University Ordinance goes into effect. Accordingly, as of April 4th, the library can be entered without checking 3G proof and without wearing a mask. However, we appeal to everyone to continue wearing masks inside the building to minimize the incidence of infection.

Opening Hours


Tuesdays: 09.00 to 12.00 

Thursdays: 14.00 to 17.00

Please note: The library will be closed on Thursday 31/08/2023.


Telephone: 0241/80 95057

The insitute library "Landscape Architecture" in Jakobstr. 2 is a reference library. It is NOT a lending library. Books with the institute library catalogue's signatures "Architecture", "Landscape Architecture" and "Urban Planning" are located here.

Please note: The library has a branch on Lochnerstraße that is not accessible. These books are marked with "208 Landschaftsarchitektur/Lochnerstraße" in the library catalog under "Branch/Department". If you would like to see one of these books, please let us know in advance by email so that it can be taken from Lochnerstraße to the library.


Library Collection

Thematic Focus

  • landscape architecture, landart
  • landscape planning, landscape construction
  • urban planning, architecture
  • Naturphilosophie, Landschaftsbildanalyse
  • Erholung Freizeitparks
  • construction engineering, traffic, alternative energies
  • climate, nature conservation, environmental protection (global)
  • impact regulation
  • environmental impact assessment
  • hydrology


  • Topos
  • Planerin
  • Neue Landschaft
  • Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung
  • Stadt + Grün
  • Garten + Landschaft
  • Anthos Switzerland
  • DisP Institut für Ort- Regional- und Landschaftsplanung ETH Zürich