• seit 04/2014
    Promotion am Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Architekturtheorie der RWTH Aachen University
    „Die Bühne des Staates: Opernarchitektur und Kulturpolitik in der Türkei 1928-1969“

Vorträge und Konferenzbeiträge

  • „Monumentality in transformation: Aesthetics and politics of opera architecture in Early Republican Turkey“
    International Conference "On Monumentality",
    06.04.2019, Hellenic Open University, Athens, Greece
  • „Staging the nation state: Opera architecture and cultural politics in Early Republican Turkey“
    Fifth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), Panel „The Staging of Politics in the MENA Region“,
    20.07.2018, Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla
  • „From the flagship of modernism into the symbol of a turning point: The conversion of the Ankara Exhibition Hall into the Turkish State Opera“
    Fifth ENIUGH Congress, Panel „Towards a global history of music venues since the late 19th century“,
    02.09.2017, Central European University, Budapest
  • „Temples of the Secular State: Opera Designs in Early Republican Turkey“
    Emerging Scholars Symposium „Modernism Made Monumental“,
    22.10.2016, University of Georgia, Athens, USA