The Forest Workshop 2023: 30.5. - 2.6.2023

  © J. Gäckle

Every 2 years the Forest Workshop takes place in the Forest Laboratory Cologne organized by the Chair of Landscape Architecture. The Forest Lab Cologne tests what the forest of the future could look like: Sustainable use, recreational space close to the city and climate change are the focus.


Students from our faculty will form a creative unit together with students from Nürtingen and possibly Paris as well as Minnesota, who will live and work on site for one week.  The goal is to create larger-than-life sculptures made of willow and poplar material, which will be created in teamwork and address the issue of a sustainably lived and built future. For this purpose, we will set up a natural tent camp under the simplest conditions during the Whitsun week and will be supported in the implementation of your ideas by the head forester of the city of Cologne Markus Bouwman and his team.

In agreement with the foresters we have the possibility to use willows and poplars from the short rotation plantation for our purposes. Past field trips have resulted in projects mostly in the plantations. The idea for summer 2023 is to bring your work to the open space. This will create a temporary gallery of willow sculptures that will be visible from afar.

This year we are especially excited to have the support of Emmanuel Heringer (! He will be adding significantly to the craftsmanship with his expertise and collaboration.

When: Excursion week 2023 (30.5. - 2.6.2023)

Where: Forest Laboratory Cologne (

Who: approx. 25 students from different universities

How: 4-day camp on site with own tent and self-catering, water tanks and porta-potties

What: large-scale sculptures/landmarks made of willows and poplars supplemented by other natural materials on site, if necessary


Supervisors: Sigrid Tilmanns, Joost Meyer, Prof. Frank Lohrberg Prof. Rainer Sachse (HfWU Nürtingen)

For the forest laboratory: the head foresters Markus Bouwmann and Michael Hundt, City of Cologne

Expert: Emmanuel Heringer, master wickerworker

First Meeting: Thursday, 20.4. 13:00 | Seminar Room LA

Exam Date: Friday, 6/16/2013 10:00 (Portfolio submission)