Seminar Walking in the neighbourhood

  Traffic Light Copyright: Pixabay

Walking is the most natural way of getting around and ranks second in the city in terms of total traffic. From a spatial point of view, however, pedestrian  have the smallest amount of space, are exposed to dangerous situations and are exposed to air pollutants.



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If we want to change this situation and re-vitalize street spaces, we need a deep understanding of how, with which and for what purpose street spaces are used. Optimised pedestrian planning is also an important contribution to developing our cities more sustainable and climate-friendly for the future and to create more space for healthier mobility and new qualities in urban space.

In the White Week, we want to use the example of an Aachen quarter to investigate precisely these aspects and develop scenarios for a new division and design of road space. Interactive analysis methods are tried out and innovative ideas are discussed, questioned and formulated in group work.

Afterwards in February there will be the possibility to participate in an international workshop in Tillburg/Nl in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Breda, the City of Tillburg and the Chair of Planning Theory from 10-14-2.2020. Further information will follow.

First Meeting: Mon., 25.11.19, 10:00am, Institute of Landscape Architecture
Final Presentation: Mon., 20.01.20, 14:00pm, Institute of Landscape Architecture, seminar room upstairs