Grüner Lernraum

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Schoolyards are important places for children and young people in their everyday environment. New things are directly experienced and understood here. On the other hand, the actual design of schoolyards is usually oriented towards constraints such as band protection and cost-effective maintenance. For planners, the schoolyard is therefore a field of conflict between experienced pedagogy (the space as mediator) and necessary pragmatism. For students, it is an "obvious" space whose functions, demands and deficits are familiar from their own experience.



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Aim of the module

In the module, criteria of sustainable open space design, functional requirements and social aspects (such as appropriation or coding of space) are elaborated on the basis of a schoolyard and translated into planning concepts.

The starting point is the schoolyard of a grammar school in Aachen, whose spatial potential for new learning and break uses is to be optimised in terms of design. An active exchange with the school is planned.

Through a contact with the Berlin-based association Kilera e.V. (Education for Children in Cameroon, there is also the possibility of involving a school in Akonolinga (Cameroon) in order to get to know the learning space of school from another perspective.


  • Analysis of the open space situation, accessibility, use, spectrum of users, green space situation, design deficiencies, M 1:500 and pictos on individual topics.
  • Evaluation of the participation of teachers and pupils (format will be adapted to the Corona situation)
  • Thematic research on selected contents and projects (best - practice)
  • Concept development for better use and design of space with self-selected (or also given) focus areas - derivation (pictos), floor plan M 1:500, presentation
  • Presentation of focal topic floor plan (max. M 1:250) with sections, sketches and 3D representations.


  • 2 posters DIN A0 (in RWTH layout),
  • Documentation of main topic (8-10 pages)
  • Group work with 2-4 persons


  • Fri. 30.04.2021 - Kick-off (introduction, input, organisational (zoom, 2.00 pm)
  • Tues., 25.5.-Fri., 28.05.2021 - Compact week (on-site visit, exchange with the school/pupils, work on the elective module, consultation/supervision)
  • Mon. 28.06.2021 - Presentation and submission of work (zoom, 10:30 am)

If possible, the work should be exhibited in the school afterwards!