Premium routes - Aachen on foot

  pedestrians at Theaterplatz Aachen Copyright: Institute of Landscape Architecture

This semester, the LA contribution to Forum Stadt & Landschaft will take up the topic of pedestrian mobility in urban areas. The promotion of pedestrian mobility is increasingly becoming the focus of interest in urban and open space planning in connection with topics such as health and climate protection, but also in making cities experienceable on a human scale. In order to contribute to sustainable urban development and also to ease the current traffic situation, cities and municipalities are called upon, among other things, to develop new strategies and concepts for the establishment of pedestrian walkways. The main objective here is to promote multimodality in cities, i.e. to harmonise a mixture of different forms of mobility.



Veronika Stützel


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First Meeting: 20.04.2020, 12.15-13.30 Uhr, moodle