B4 Project - Youth Workplace: Green, Social and Co-creative Spaces in Stolberg's Center

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The B4 project "Youth Workplace" is about the new development and planning for the location of a work and educational facility for young people in Stolberg.The youth workshop is located in a hidden hillside location north of the old town of Stolberg between the cemetery and other educational and social institutions, as well as the municipal building section and the volunteer fire department. 


The workplace on the approx. 6000m² site are mainly in desolate structural condition and need to be largely replaced by new buildings. The mixed situation with the other users such as the voluntary fire department and the Technical Operations Office (TBA) requires a new sorting and structuring of the site in order to create clearer usage structures and allocations.

The development of the site should consider connectivity, as well as spatial and functional synergies with the surrounding educational infrastructures, so that a cohesive educational district is created. The building stock for administration, wood and textile workplace, greenhouse, and flexible to use creative spaces is to be redesigned. In addition, the area of the youth workplace should get a community garden that enriches the area as a public green oasis. 

  • Exam Date: 10.07.2023
  • First Session: 06.04.2023
  • Co-Examiner:  Prof. Agnes Förster (Chair of Planning Theory and City Development)
  • Other important dates: Fr. 21.04.23     9:00 Site Visit / Consultation date