Stadt, Land, Flow

  Sign „quiet please – exam in progress“ Copyright: M. Braun

An e-exam will soon replace the oral exam “Urban and Landscape Planning”. The elective module “Stadt, Land, Flow” includes students in the development of this electronic exam.



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In “Stadt, Land, Flow”, different types of questions will be tested. We will categorize the learning content, pick the right question types and develop solid exam questions for the new e-exam. Seize the opportunity and help shape it!

At the beginning, a first version of the exam will be tested in two runs. Then, formal aspects, the procedure itself, severity and exam questions will be discussed and reflected on in the seminar. Based on this, students and lecturers will develop exam questions together. The test runs are carried out using a pseudonym, there will be no connection between test results and the individual seminar participants.

The course adresses Bachelor students who have already taken the “Urban and Landscape Planning” exam (ideally at the Institute of Landscape Architecture). We invite students with different exam results in order to be able to take representative tests. (Basis of trust! We cannot and do not want to see your grades.)

First Meeting: Wednesday, 13.05.2020, 3 p.m., Zoom