Blue-Green Milano

  Angelo Inganni - " View of the Naviglio San Marco from the Terrace of the Ca' Medici ", 1837, oil on canvas, private collection Copyright: ©

As part of the B4 project "Blue-Green Milano", students will have the opportunity to participate in an international ideas competition for the uncovering of Milan's waterway system (Navigli) 



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The reinterpretation of the former commercial transport system, now hidden beneath the city, offers the opportunity to redesign the centre of Milan at key points.

In a focus-space selected from three possible options, students must unleash the potential of uncovering the Navigli while redesigning the surrounding public urban spaces.

In redesigning the environment in connection with the Navigli, the space for vehicular mobility must be reduced and water resources must be connected to the city's green infrastructure. In this way, it will be possible to recreate open spaces with a higher ecological value, a higher quality of stay and a greater resilience to extreme climate events.

A small architectural element (pavilion, kiosk, pergola,...) should complete the project. It should offer protection against climatic adversities, but also serve as an information point. Here, the history of the Navigli and water in Milan can be made understandable and experienced in unconventional ways.

Prof. Carola Neugebauer Juniorprofessur für Sicherung kulturellen Erbes

Other important dates:
21.04.22 - 23.04.22: excursion to Milan