Aachen InsideOUT_a lively neighbourhood in the city centre

  Felix Schweizer, City Farm at St. Nikolaus Church, Bachelor Thesis project, RWTH Aachen University, SS 2021 Copyright: © F. Schweizer/LA

In  "Aachen INsideOUT" we will focus our attention on the historic city centre. The Covid pandemic will be a moment of reflection that will lead us to alternative development models for our historic city centres. In addition, climate change is forcing us to rethink open spaces where possible and make our city centre more climate resilient. As after any deep crisis, there will be a period of experimentation that makes it possible to think about the city centre in ways that were previously unthinkable.



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In this project we want to explore the possibility of designing a new lively neighbourhood in the middle of the compact city centre. We want to imagine taking away the space for cars and for shopping models that are no longer relevant in order to create space for innovative and sustainable forms of mixed use embedded in a green structure. The site of the former monastery of St. Nicholas and of the adjacent Kaufhaus, offers us this opportunity, just a few steps away from the market square.

Innovative uses that can occupy the area during the day and appeal to various generations are to be developed. In addition to residential space, a robust functional mixed use should be here envisaged (workshop, sales offer for regional organic products, space for gymnastic, co-working and meetings, gastronomies...).

In addition to the functional reorganisation of the area, the aim of the design will be to develop a new "atmospheric" and identity-creating open space. The new neighbourhood in the centre is to be conceived as a meeting place where citizens who do not live or work here can do their daily errands and at the same time feel free to spend time in a public green space.

As part of the module, in addition to the urban planning competencies, the students will also have to deal intensively with the architectural aspects of their strategic concepts.

Co-examiner: Fred Humblé, Professor für Bauplanung und Baurealisierung

Important dates

  • 05.11.21, 9.00 : Introduction
  • 16.11.21, 9.00 : 1 In between Review
  • 21.12.21, 9.00 : 2 In between Review
  • 18.01.22, 9.00 : 3 In between Review
  • 04.02.22 : Submission