Cool Down with green and blue


*** Intro ***

Copyright: S. Sieber

Everything turns GREEN and you can't get out?
The semester has just started, but you still need a break?
How about the "GREEN PAUSE" impromptu?!




Support the "Großhülsberg" network in the planning and further development of its community garden!
Since 2019, the gardeners of the "Großhülsberg" network have been meeting in their community garden, sowing, planting and harvesting old vegetables, enjoying the sun, eating ice cream, exchanging ideas, taking a break in the green and recharging their batteries for new deeds. Urban gardening as an oasis in gray everyday work!

What is still missing are ideas for the structural development of this meeting place in the green.
How does a few vegetable beds become a stage for events? How does a garden become a meeting room, a place for rest or sport, for barbecues and other parties?

The aim of the impromptu is:

  • to develop a vision for the community garden "Großhülsberg",
  • to show the modules / intermediate steps towards this vision
  • clarify organizational questions such as access, security, storage facilities etc. and
  • make sure that everything can be done "do it yourself".

Submission and final presentation: 07.05.2020
Kick-off: 23.04.2020
Place: Seminarraum LA, Jakobstraße 2
Time: 13 to max. 14:30 o'clock
Output: One DIN A0