By wheelchair through Aachen

  View on outside stairs Copyright: Institute of Landscape Architecture

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Architects, urban planners and landscape architects plan the usability and design of the public space of our cities and communities, with the focus on people and their needs. A challenge for the planner in this work is therefore the integration of all people with their different requirements and wishes for use of the common living space. An essential task is to plan and build public places in such a way that they are barrier-free, i.e. can be used by all people without outside help and without any restrictions.

One's own experience in a wheelchair enables a change of perspective and thus a sensitisation for mobility in public spaces in general and for people with limited mobility in particular. For this reason, we would like to spend a day with you looking at the city from this perspective. Afterwards, you will be asked to replan existing situations in such a way that people with disabilities, senior citizens and families with prams have an easier time.