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Productive urban park on Hassel coking plant, Gelsenkirchen

Temporary urban farm in Geneva 2014 Copyright: A. Timpe

From coal to kohlrabi - one semester design studio, summer term 2020



Axel Timpe


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How will the cities of tomorrow feed themselves? The post-fossil, carbon-neutral society targeted by the EU Green Deal will have to find new, locally organised ways for producing and marketing its food. This means shortening supply chains and improving the production, but also includes benefits for local communities, personal health, social wellbeing and many more. Urban agriculture invites people to interact and is an important contribution to sustainable, carbon-neutral and resilient cities.

The City of Gelsenkirchen has the opportunity to transform the post-industrial area of the former Hassel coking plant into a productive park including a city farm. The design studio has the objective of developing a business model and an architectural and landscape architectural design for the farm and the park. Based on an analysis of the future park and the surrounding urban areas we will develop a concept for the farm and translate it into a design proposal. The integration of the farm into local production and consumption circles and its interaction with the local community will be of special importance. The day care center for children, the mosque and the youth centre in the immediate surroundings can be anchors for this; schools, parishes and existing farms of the wider urban area may also play a role.

The design studio is a cooperation between the Chair of Landscape Architecture and the City of Gelsenkirchen. The City is highly interested in receiving the results for planning the further concept and design of the city farm. The productive park will be implemented within the next years, currently relations with local farmers and other potential managers of the farm are being established.

During the studio we will exchange with students of agronomy of the University of Applied Sciences in Soest to integrate their knowledge on agriculture and agricultural business models.

  • First meeting: 06.04.2020, online per Zoom-Meeting
  • Weekly meetings on Monday from 9:30 am, per Zoom online-meetings until further notice
  • The excursion to the planning area has to be cancelled due to the current pandemia containment measures.