BauGrünKit - Designing a self-construction kit for the co-productive greening of university buildings

  Goals in developing the BauGrünKit © Marina Chernyshova

RWTH's building stock contributes significantly to the heat island effect in the various campus areas and the city of Aachen. Buildings and surrounding open spaces provide little habitat for animals and plants and often offer a less than appealing image and hardly any opportunities for students and employees to identify with their places of work. Building greening can change this and have a positive effect on all the areas mentioned. However, large-scale building greening is associated with considerable investment and maintenance costs.


For easier access to building greening at RWTH, the Institute of Landscape Architecture (LA), the Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) and the Language Centre (SZ) have therefore joined forces to develop a self-construction kit for building greening in this course together with students and to test it on the roof terrace of the Language Centre. The finished BauGrünKit is then to be made available to students and employees of the university to green smaller sections of roofs or façades on their own initiative. Due to its small size (self-construction approach), the "BauGrünKit" primarily supports urban biodiversity as a co-productive nature conservation measure. It provides habitat and food for different animal and plant species and can be adapted to specific species and locations through plant selection.

As a model project for sustainability, the RWTH Sustainability Fund is supporting the project with a total of €25,000. Approx. 9,000 € are available for material costs in the testing and implementation of the kit as part of the course.

The  Stegreif BauGrünKit is held in combination with the  seminar BauGrünKit and with the same students. After drafts for a BauGrünKit have been developed in the impromptu design, a prototype will be developed together in the seminar until it is ready for implementation.

Seminar and impromptu design dates:

Wed. 12.04.23 10:30 Introductory session

Wed. 19.04.23 14:00 Input lectures Sandra Sieber & ITA

Wed. 26.04.23 10:30 Input Construction Management

Wed. 03.05.23 10:30 Office hours impromptu

Wed. 10.05.23 10:30 Impromptu presentation & jury meeting

Wed. 17.05.23 10:30 Start of Phase 2

Wed. 24.05.23 10:30 Group meeting

Wed. 31.05.23 excursion week, no classes

Wed. 07.06.23 10:30 Jour Fixe Project progress

Wed. 14.06.23 10:30 Optional Jour Fixe Project Progress (DIES: RWTH Sports Day)

Wed. 21.06.23 10:30 Jour Fixe Project Progress

Wed. 28.06.23 10:30 Jour Fixe Project Progress

Wed. 05.07.23 10:30 Construction of the roof terrace of the Language Centre, followed by plant maintenance

Wed. 12.07.23 10:30 Completion of roof terrace Language Centre

Wed. 19.7.23 from 10:30 Opening of roof terrace Language Centre

Autumn 2023 Presentation of BauGrünKit to the Sustainability Fund


First Session: Date, time, location:  Wed. 12.04.23, 10:30 Seminarraum Lehrstuhl Landschaftsarchitektur, Jakobstraße 2, Zugang von der Kockerellstraße

Exam Date: Wed., 10.05.23, 10:30 a.m.