Friesenrath Competition - planning with green-blue infrastructure


The city of Aachen has launched a small internal competition looking for visions, concepts and design proposals for a new village square in Friesenrath. Friesenrath is a small village in the Indetal south of Aachen. Although the village is actively involved in cultural acitivities and organizes various events and shooting festivals, it lacks an attractively designed and flexibly usable public center in the form of a village square.

  Tree Planning © RWTH Institute of Landscape Architecture

The square is located between the main road and the clubhouse of the Schützenbruderschaft, in the immediate neighbourhood of the Inde River. The square is currently heavily sealed and serves as a parking lot and storage area.  The challenge is that Friesenrath was strongly affected by floods in 2021 and needs strategies to counteract such extreme weather events. Actual a regional flood protection concept will be developed that also related to the public open space. The goal of the task is to use blue-green infrastructures to promote sponge city functions in a micro format while making the place more attractive.

The competition offers prize money of 1000€ in total and is aimed at student participants who can present convincing concepts and designs for a climate-resilient village square that contributes to flood protection and increases the attractiveness of the village. The ideas should demonstrate how climate-resilient planning based on the sponge city principle can be implemented on a village scale.

The project will be worked out in groups of three.


Introductory Event/ First Meeting: Mon. 06.11.2023, 11-12:30 Uhr, Institute of Landscape Architecture am Seminarraum Lehrstuhl Landschaftsarchitektur, Jakobstraße 2, Zugang von der Kockerellstraße

Exam Date: Fr. 19.01.2024

Impromptu week - Nov. 27-30, 2023, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Mon.: Introduction and site exploration in Friesenrath, Silvia Beretta City of Aachen.

Tues: Climate resilient open space planning with green-blue infrastructures; N.N. Input lecture

Wed: Workshop/ Model making / Peer consulting

Thu: Finishing

Feedback date:

11/12/2023 11:00 am LA Seminar Room.