The Green-Blue Urban Neighbourhood: Otto-Linne-Award 2023

  Between the lines: the blue-green-neighbourhoods of tomorrow © Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg BUKEA

At the latest since the goal of climate neutrality in Germany was set out in law, it has become clear: climate adaptation must become a mandatory task for cities and municipalities. A huge project like this requires the will to shape things, new forms of cooperation, the courage to take new paths and the willingness to change perspectives.


The climate adaptation of cities is not a purely technical question that can be answered by measures of heavy rain prevention or shading alone. Climate impact adaptation also changes the way we perceive cities, how we move in them, use them and shape them. It questions long-held values and norms of our building culture and, last but not least, also challenges our planning culture. This year, the Otto Linne Award focuses on the strategic future issue of climate adaptation: What can a neighbourhood look like in times of changing climatic conditions? What developments are desirable? And where do we need to take action? The competition is an invitation to develop innovative solutions for contemporary and climate-adapted open spaces.

At the Institute of Landscape Architecture, we are offering the Otto-Linne-Award 2023 this semester as a supervised M1 project work for students in architecture and urban planning and as M2 and M3 for students in urban planning. Participants have the opportunity to submit their work as early as the competition deadline on 29.6. for the Otto-Linne-Award.

Teams that make it to the second round of the competition will receive prizes of between 2000 and 5000 euros.

Further details on the competition are already available at:

Part of the project is a excursion to Hamburg from 16/04 (Sunday evening) to 19/04.

First Session: 11.04.2021. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 14:00 Seminarraum Lehrstuhl Landschaftsarchitektur, Jakobstraße 2 (Access via Kockerellstraße)

Exam Date: 18.07.2023