Green it – Real Hot!

  Textilwerk Copyright: S. Sieber

The impromptu "Green it – Real Hot!" offers something really special in the 2020/21 winter semester: The very interested and very committed "TextilWerk Bocholt - Forum for Textile Culture" in Bocholt (in the north-west of North Rhine-Westphalia) is looking for solutions to reduce the summer heat load in its 19th century-style brick buildings and in the outdoor area that is currently being built.


Student drafts / plans for the greening of buildings should be used to collect initial ideas on how vegetative building conditioning can work and look. The museum is part of the “LWL-Industriemuseum” association ( Therefore, the question is whether and how the greening of buildings could also be a strategy for conditioning other museum buildings in the association. A presentation of the student work is therefore planned as part of a separate exhibition (summer 2021 / at the TextilWerk).

In group work by two people, drafts / plans for the greening of the building and the open space of the TextilWerk should be made. It should be shown (graphically) what contribution building greening can make to reducing the summer heat load and how the functional connection between museum and open space can also be creatively interlinked through greening. For the exhibition, the process-like character of design should also be shown. Sketches, small models, intermediate results, etc. should therefore be submitted so that they can be used in the exhibition if necessary.

Kick-off: 30.10.2020 Start and introduction to the topic (from 11 a.m.)
Submission: Fr. 05.02.2021 (without presentation)
Final presentation: 29.01.2021 (from 11 a.m.)
Output: Two posters DIN A 0 (two-person group work)

Other dates:

  • Fri. 06.11.2020 or Fri. 13.11.2020: Input / presentation of the TextilWerk by M. Schmidt, Head of the Science and Projects Division, TextilWerk Bocholt
  • 27.11.2020 on-site meeting in Bocholt (if possible)
  • 04.12.2020 Green building workshop
  • Always from 11 a.m.