A Community Garden for Aachen Haaren

  Map Copyright: R. Breuer

A new "community garden" is to be created next to the district office in Aachen Haaren. The goal is to transform a former garden plot of the St. Germanus parish into a public community garden. The plot will be transformed into a new place for gardening, learning, sharing and celebrating with raised beds, fruit trees and recreational areas.



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  Project area Copyright: R. Breuer

The garden is to be designed in such a way that the various groups from the surrounding area are invited to actively participate. For the neighbouring St. Germanus Kindergarten, a new learning space could also be created here. There are also plans to connect the new women's house on Germanusstrasse with a connecting path. The new design qualities should additionally offer space for stay and social communication.

Because the creativity of the students should be in the foreground here, not too many specifications are made. Regarding the impromptu results for the district garden, the district administration plans to hold a small competition on the results. The implementation of the district garden is planned for this summer.

The inspirations and ideas for the district garden are community garden projects from Aachen's partner city Cape Town. Both the administration and the Chair of Landscape Architecture have been active in the Aachen-Cape Town partnership for many years, so that there will also be direct input from Cape Town on the topic of urban gardening.

The final information will follow at the beginning of the summer semester.

Kick-off: Mo, 26.04.2021
Submission: Fr, 21.05.2021