Green buildings


Good for people and animals

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Greening buildings is good!
Good for the climate, because plants store CO2 and can cool their surroundings.
Good for people, because plants provide good air and pleasant temperatures, they promote recreation and performance.
And for animals?
Everyone knows that greening buildings is also good for animals, but which animals exactly and why?


The impromptu " Green buildings - Good for people and animals " would like to offer - in addition to the basics of building greening - an insight into the idea of "Animal-Aided Design" (AAD, animal-supportive or animal-inclusive design).

Aim of the Impromptu:
Design a building greening system for a commercial building or parcel. The design will take into account "animal-aided design."


  • Analysis of the building and its surroundings from the point of view of sustainable urban development (problem communication).
  • Conception of a building greening under consideration of the "Animal-Aided Design" as a component of a sustainable urban development (solution finding).
  • Communication of the added value of greening buildings as a component of sustainable urban development and of "Animal-Aided Design" (solution communication).


  • 2 posters DIN A0 (in RWTH layout) for groups of two people
  • Group work with 2 persons


  • Thu. 21.10.2021 - Prelude / First information about the impromptu and the area.
  • Thu. 28.10.2021 - Introduction to the topic (probably in cooperation with "Mut zur Lücke!Animal Aided Design Aachen"
  • Do. 11.11. 2021 – Input zu Arten in der Stadt
  • Thu. 27.01.2022 - Submission / final presentation

Still open:
Joint excursion/location (possibly Nov. 2021) and interim presentation (Dec. 2021) with "Mut zur Lücke! Animal Aided Design Aachen"

The module will take place online, starting at 10 am.