Landscaping on Ice

  Students in snow © Institut<of Landscape Architecture  

The excursion in the context of the improvisation "Landscaping on Ice" will lead us to the Kleinwalsertal. The place is characterized by the impressive landscape of the Alps. The forms and structures of the mountain world create a dynamic interplay. This aesthetic power of the valley and the surrounding peaks attracts many thousands of visitors year after year.
Tourism has become the strongest economic factor for the Kleinwalsertal. However, the appearance of the valley has not yet taken on the extreme forms comparable with other alpine ski resorts. At the beginning of the workshop in the Kleinwalsertal, we want to show you the special spatial atmosphere of the alpine winter landscape and be inspired by the different manifestations of this world of snow and ice for our own ideas.
The inspirations gained from the peculiarity of the snow landscape form the basis for the creative design and implementation of architectural installations on a scale of 1:1. The architecture (idea and spatial concept) should refer to a place of fantasy in this landscape. Each of these snow-built objects should reflect the spatial, functional and aesthetic significance of a specific construction task. On the last evening, the move into the location will be playfully staged with lighting.

First session: 01.02.2024, 12.00 hrs in LS

Exam date: 20.03.2024