Green it – Water ahead!

  Green it! Copyright: S.Sieber+WiLaBonn

Innovative rainwater management as part of an urban competition?!?


Heavy rain and flooding are becoming a problem for more and more cities.
This also applies to the „Iserlohner Heide“ district.
This is located in the northwest of Iserlohn and is characterized by a small-scale mix of residential and commercial use.
The district has 1,000 mm of annual rainfall, 200 rainy days and up to 100 meters difference in altitude. This is already causing problems with heavy rain and flooding.
In addition, the proportion of heavily sealed commercial space is growing.

What to do?!

The research module offers the opportunity to deal with the topic of rainwater management (including greening of buildings) based on the Iserlohner Heide district. The research module offers the opportunity to get to know the new challenges in urban development competitions and provides initial knowledge.

Aim of the research module

  • In Gruppenarbeit sollen Gebäude und die Freifläche eines Gewerbebetriebs im Kontext zu seiner Umgebung überplant werden > Ebene: Gebäude und Freifläche (Teilaufgabe 1, Abgabe 16.07.2020)
  • Die Recherche zu den funktionalen Aspekten von Gebäudebegrünung und dezentralem Wassermanagement sollen in einer kleinen Broschüre (max. 20 Seiten in DIN A5!) aufbereitet werden. (Teilaufgabe 1, Abgabe 16.07.2020)
  • Basierend auf den Recherchen des SoSe 2020 sollen Aussagen zum Regenwassermanagement im ganzen Gebiet getroffen werden > Ebene: Ganzes Gebiet. (Teilaufgabe 2, Abgabe WiSe 2020/21)



  • First Meeting: Do. 07.05.2020
  • Start and final presentation: 10 to max. 13 o'clock
  • Other dates in summer 2020:
    Fr. 05.06.2020 Appointment in Iserlohn (if necessary)
    02.07.2020 Interim presentation (compulsory!)

Output summer 2020

  • A poster DIN A0 plus a brochure (max. 20 pages, DIN A5!) On greening of buildings and rainwater management (documentation of the research).
  • group work (2 persons)

Output WiSe 2020/21

  • A poster DIN A0
  • group work (2 persons)