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Future ideas for "Theaterplatz" in Aachen

Theaterplatz in Aachen Copyright: J. Gäckle



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The Theaterplatz represents a historically shaped, central location in the city of Aachen. While the Theaterplatz still functions vaguely as a meeting place in front of the aesthetic facade of the theatre, the surrounding street spaces and the back of the theatre, the Theaterstraße, are primarily determined by the car. The Theaterplatz lies in the middle of a dense traffic network. By introducing new, innovative mobility and open space concepts, for example by increasing car-sharing services or planning experimental spaces such as parklets, many cities are trying to reduce the use of manually-operated cars more and more. The theatre square and surrounding areas are also to be rethought in the wake of the automobile transformation and the required improvement of the quality of life in our future cities.

What would happen if the Theaterplatz no longer functioned as an island between automobile-dominated spaces? What would be, if motorised traffic on Theaterplatz no longer defined the public space as its primary use, but slides into the background and the surrounding spaces as well as the square could offer more open space quality and possibilities for appropriation and use by people?

First of all, knowledge about different types of open space - and uses - is generated and subsequently applied in analysis and design in order to rethink the Theaterplatz, taking into account current development trends in urban public spaces.

The aim of the seminar is to understand different urban open space types and to use this knowledge for a future-oriented design and use concept for the Theaterplatz.