(Free)space Choreographies: Grosskölnstraße

  Blick auf eine Sequenz von verschiedenen Räumen Copyright: © D. Münderlein

Public spaces are often designed as individual objects and developed on its own. Urban dwellers however experience spaces in an overall context that, which is based on individual movement. When walking or cycling, individual spatial experiences merge into an overall picture. This is also known as the cinematographic effect of movement. This phenomenon results in the challenging task of designing and connecting open spaces as sequence or choreography. The idea of ​​creating a series of squares describes this process of making spatial connections. These connections are often disappearing in the urban fabric and can only be reconstructed from plans. In everyday life these are barely perceptible.



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The aim of this course is to analyze the Grosskölnstraße in Aachen with regard to the according spatial choreography. We are trying to discover new potentials for making spatial connections. We want to check whether these connections can be used intuitively and what potentials for optimization exist.

  • Introductory event: 07.04.2022, 10:00am, Online via Zoom
  • Weekly meetings: Thursday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Online via Zoom (Or as physical meeting)