Science Day 23 : built and lived environment - research perspektives from the faculty of architecture : proSEEDings, process & structures, gender and space, spatial dimension, manufacturing methods : book of abstracts

Adams, Thomas Julian (Contributor); Eyhoff, Frederike; Chang, Robin (Contributor); Glitsch, Tobias (Contributor); Kramer, Franziska (Contributor); Kuletskaya, Dasha (Contributor); Meyer, Joost Sunke (Contributor); Rubarth, Antonia Victoria (Contributor); Seiter, Alex Josef (Contributor)

Aachen : Faculty of architecture, RWTH Aachen University (2023)


  • Chair of Structures and Structural Design [211110]
  • Chair of Individualized Production in Architecture [211510]
  • Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development [212110]
  • Department of Spatial Design [212320]
  • Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism [212410]
  • Bauplan Teaching and Research Unit [213220]
  • Chair of Landscape Architecture [214110]
  • Chair of History of Architecture [217110]
  • Chair and Institute of Art History [218010]