Economic Stimulus Packages


economic stimulus packages
florian kluge and daniel lohmann

installation 2009

for geo art köln / rhine sights - insights. implemented may 2009.

35 pressed cubes of steel sheet
punching waste from the automobile production

approximately 240 x 240 x 50cm

the work refers to the current discussion about financial crisis, climatic catastrophe and environmental issues and addresses the ecologically and economically controversial "scrappage bonus" initiated by the federal government. 35 pressed cubes from scraps of the automobile industry – called "packages" in the business – in a 2.50 x 2.50 m wide grid symbolizing the seemingly imminent end of the beloved german industrial product and the transience of the material. on the other side, they stand for recycling, for a material as a basis of many other products and the beginning of a new life cycle. embedded in the slowly rusting grid of steel cubes there is a tree – as a vital sign of the natural, recurrent cycle of materials.

initiative kultur raum rechtsrhein (hrsg.), katalog zur ausstellung. rheinblicke einblicke. installationen/ skulpturen. köln 2009. s.8-10

luna park 21. heft 6 - sommer 2009, s.29

kölner stadt anzeiger, 3. juni 2009

e. ogilvie (hrsg.), art geo. drive to reconnect the cultural and the natural. ausstellungskatalog, köln/ edinburgh 2009. s.12-


Economic Stimulus Packages