Causal Relations of Upscaled Urban Aquaponics and the Food-Water-Energy Nexus—A Berlin Case Study

Baganz, Gösta (Corresponding author); Schrenk, Manfred (Corresponding author); Körner, Oliver (Corresponding author); Baganz, Daniela (Corresponding author); Keesman, Karel J. (Corresponding author); Goddek, Simon (Corresponding author); Siscan, Zorina (Corresponding author); Baganz, Elias (Corresponding author); Doernberg, Alexandra (Corresponding author); Monsees, Hendrik (Corresponding author); Nehls, Thomas (Corresponding author); Kloas, Werner (Corresponding author); Lohrberg, Frank (Corresponding author)

Basel : MDPI (2021)
Journal Article

In: Water
Volume: 13
Issue: 15
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 22 Seiten